Big Increments

As it goes, my blog went quiet the day I started hardcore job searching! Since then I started my first engineering gig at Ribbon, turned 26, and finished my move back to NYC.

Now that I’ve been a dev for a few months and haven’t turned back into a pumpkin, I’ve picked a few new goals to chase this year because my life is meaningless without goals. Here they are.

  1. Be super successful as an engineer. I want to be a heckin’ awesome, super capable full-stack developer.

  2. Keep producing interesting projects, including side hustles and useless nonsense. I want to keep growing as an indie dev and creative coder, not just a tech professional.

  3. Write a blog post I’m proud of every month. I am going to steer the blog in a more eclectic & casual direction. I’ll still post about projects and tech, but expect more diverse topics about internet culture and maybe the occasional photo log. À la The Subway Game.
    My goal with this thing is to make it a space I feel comfortable to document my progress & discoveries in. It’s less important to me that it’s “successful” and more important that I love and use it as an outlet.

  4. Research, write and deliver an enlightening talk this year. I’ve put out proposals at a few “oddball talk”-friendly conferences, here’s hoping 🤞

It’s going to be weird, kids. 🧙‍♀️


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